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A beautiful Sister Non Muslim accepts Islam- Dr Zakir Naik

Only traveling can give you mental satisfaction. You can explore the new places and write your own story. There is a famous saying that if you don’t have a plan for yourself, you will fall into someone else’s plan.

If you are looking for a cheap destination to visits this summer then Malta should be the one. Its geological location makes it much more interesting as it lies between the Tunisia and Italy’s area of Sicily.

The world we are living in is full of tensions right now. Once there was a time when people used to travel to London as it was a hope for prosperity. Also USA was known as the big apple.

There is no more any country known as the big apple or the land of opportunities. In today’s world even making 1 million dollar a day can’t guarantee you a peaceful and happy life.

Sicily is also one of the most beautiful destinations because of its white sandy beaches and wonderful resorts.

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