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Amazing and DevilTwo Horns Baby

CCTV footage showed that the suspect man came near the woman who was trying to enter the rickshaw and he kicked that woman. The suspect man tried to enter in the rickshaw and wanted to make chaos in the city of Peshawar. It all happened near the check post of the Pakistan army officers. They were there to secure the streets and road of the city since there were lots of threats around the city of Peshawar.

Video : Weird and Amazing Baby With Two Horns Born In Osun State Nigeria

The army officers were checking the vehicle of somebody but from that video it showed that a suspect man neared the rickshaw and tried to attack the check post with his guns. The women fell down on the road but in the mean time the army officers moved very sharply to defend the woman and held their safe positions.

The CCTV footage of the Peshawar attack was recorded and with the help of that video the officials of the Pakistan army appreciated and rewarded the army officers who fought with great courage and declined the casualties that were supposed to be caused by the suspect man in the city of Peshawar.

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