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Baby in American Takes Place At Hospital

A rare case of premature birth in hospital took place the other day in a foreign country when a smallest sized baby was born. The size of the baby was so small that it could be place on the palm of the hand. The weight of the baby was also very less than the normal baby. The doctors revealed the reasons of that smallest baby to be the premature birth.

Hospital staff also informed media channel and they had a press conference so that all the people could see the premature birth cases. Doctors have advised all the ladies who are supposed to be pregnant in the future; that they need to take care of their health otherwise that sort of the size could happen with their babies too.

WORLDS SMALLEST BABY by rehanalichohan1981

The incident was the amazing of the world and it went viral all over the magazines and newspapers. The social media, print media and electronic media also played their part in spreading the information to as many people in the world. The mother of that baby was also surprised to see the size of the baby, she could not believe of her baby.

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