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Bollywood Fun World sends Christmas Gift

Drugs dates and party cultures in youngsters are moments of ecstasy where pleasures and enjoyment are at its peak and it seems like there is nothing ahead from the moments of ecstasy. Drugs took the people to the world of ecstasy and pleasure where the contact with reality is lost.

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There has been so many youngsters who manage to live a well balanced life and stay happy throughout their life because they know that there are some harsh realities of life that cannot be changed. They know that not every desire of man can be fulfilled and this life is temporary and the real enjoyment is in the life hereafter.

And in reality life demands too many responsibilities and serious decision making and taking on the lead. People sometime get disturbed and their mind get split during the life duties resulting in schizophrenia and neurosis and psychotic disease where contact with reality is either lost or reduces to very low.

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