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Boy blackmails lady Very badly with pictures on social media

The separation of parents or death or sexual abuse in childhood make children so despair that when they grow up they try to return the same thing to society or they show irresponsible attitude in return to everyone they come across. Such Youth starts doing immoral acts as a reaction to what happened with them in childhood and this is not the only reason but also there are many reasons as young blood wants thrill and when it does not find the fulfillment of such thrill feeling it suffers and different burdens make them do immoral activities.

Larki Ki Nazeba Tasveer Khench Kar Larkay Ne… by khabarnamcha

Parents complaints regarding the children misbehavior with the parents and their reaction to parents and sometime beat their own parents. Children do not grow up, maturity level of them does not change with time, and they always want to depend upon their parents love and protection. Children living in comforts are over protected, and when any support to them is lost they start finding life tough. Most common immoral activities are usage of drugs, dates, parties, stealing, robbing, and sex on the internet and at hidden places. All these immoral activities are not only because youth lives by following its desires blindly rather childhood influences may cause such immoral activities.

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