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British Journalist Reports Shocks People

The survey by British Journalist included the life of that woman who has been doing this shameful act despite of that fact that she has two sons and one daughter. The journalist told in the documentary that the bad place in Lahore opened for only two hours in the night and police men never took notice of that place as they have been taking money from the women of that lane.

The female lady who has been running this bad business for quite a long time did not want any young girl to step into this immoral activity as this could be bad for her future. Many other ladies who have been dealing with the men in this business did not reveal what that lady revealed.

British Men Does Survey on Bad Place in Lahore by rehanalichohan1981

Other ladies in this survey by British Journalist were quite reluctant to tell the truth for the pleasure they have been giving to the men for the sake of money. They told that men have been coming here just to enjoy their songs and dances and nothing else. She said that nothing bad activity happened other than dances and songs during their time in that inside Lahore place.

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