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collapse in Big factory of Pakistan left several casualties

Furthermore, in an Islamic state, it is an obligatory responsibility of rulers to provide justice in all forms to the mass irrespective to their color, creed or religion. However, thing are quite different in Islamic Republic of Pakistan, the social justice is very rare and often one has to pay high costs in terms of time and money. Almost all lower class people are deprived of their rights and no justice is available for them.

For instance, state is responsible for the provision of equal opportunities of education, health and security to its citizens who pay the taxes. Whereas the ground realities are absolutely different in Pakistan, the have-nots pay the taxes and get nothing from the government. They have to purchase each and everything like health, education and security.

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According to fresh reports there is only one policeman available for the security of 1000 people in Pakistan and there thousands of policemen deployed for the security of elites. The ongoing discrimination in Pakistan is definitely an example of worst governance and ill planning. Only few people are subjected to take core decisions regardless to merit and honesty.

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