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Crazy things Only in Pakistan

seminal figure in surgery, largely responsible for the modernization of both the materials and methods used today, is Sir John Charnley. Charnley was an army surgeon during the Second World War, where he served in Cairo. His experiences during the war spurred his interest in prosthetics to improve the mobility and well-being of recovering soldiers. In the early 1960s, Charnley was given control of the surgical center at Wrightington Hospital in Lancashire. One of his major breakthroughs was to disprove the prevailing belief at the time that friction, which greatly inhibited the long-term viability of joint replacement, could only be reduced by fluids lubricating the interface of bones. Charnley showed that it was actually the friction coefficient of the bones themselves that reduced wear.

During the procedure, the patient will be sedated with anesthesia. If there are things that the doctor is concerned about, he or she will remove anything they may see. A biopsy may also be taken for examination. The procedure may take anywhere from 20 to 60 minutes.Today, hip replacement surgery is one of the most commonly performed medical procedures in first-world countries. Joint replacement procedures allow millions of people around the globe to continue mobility into old age. Without the pioneering efforts of men like John Charnley, these advancements would not be possible.

Afterward, the patient will rest for up to 60 minutes while the sedation wears off. The patient should have someone to drive him or her home because the sedation medication will make the patient drowsy. There may be some minimal discomfort and cramping.

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