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Dance Floor Breaks Down Very Badly During Party

This was the first incident on such occasion of New Year night that really shocked the whole world and they all felt really bad for everybody who got victim of that break down. The news channel of Israel also showed the video that was seen by lots of people around the globe and they said that everybody was so depressed on the incident.People on dance floor fell down from the first floor to the basement and the whole video could show the screams that were coming out of the ground floor. Girls and boys of Israel who were got lucky escape rushed around to save their lives on the New Year night party.

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Video : Dance Floor Breaks Down Very Badly During Party

Breaking of dance floor in Israel on the eve of New Year party was planned by the youngsters and they did not know what was going to happen with them in the night. The video was not as shocking to the Muslims around the world since they said that it happened all due to the shameful activities of the people and Allah had shown them that it was not good act by any of them.

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