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Dubai Sisters in Prison for Cute and Beautiful Women becomes surprising

Those female prisoners who have interest in getting education can also be benefited in Dubai Prison. Top universities and colleges in UAE are providing free of cost education to the female prisoners inside the Jail. Even some female prisoners have small babies who are also living in jail under Dubai police.

Even Children of female prisoners living in Jail are getting best education and living standards in the world as well.The Dubai Prison for women was built beside men’s jail in Al-Awir. Female detainees in UAE are held there to serve their terms under Dubai Police. Female prisoners of many nationalities and religious groups are held at Dubai jail for many reasons. Some females have small children living at jail with them as well.

For the sake of education and rehabilitation of Female prisoners, Dubai Police has started many programs. Schools, colleges, Universities are providing education inside the Dubai Prison to the female prisoners. Even not only local UAE institutions are giving education but some foreign institutions are also giving services in the jail.Many European and international human and woman rights organizations in world has rated the Detonation center best in world. Dubai police has made it an exemplary place to live for the female prisoners. Female prisoners spending terms in Dubai prison are also reported to be very satisfied and happy with the administration.


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