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Famous Politician of Pakistani Politics Gets Viral

Face Off Surgery of Famous Politician. Altaf Hussain, the leader of the MQM had given hateful speech in front of the media men the other day. People from different class had also attended that party which was given to them and the leader of the MQM had to give a speech there. The meeting was organized by the famous newspaper and it had called many celebrities from different nations.

Reality of Famous Politician Gets Viral. Altaf Hussain was shown during the program by a private news channel of a media group. In that program the speech of MQM leader was repeated so that people of the country could understand the reality of the leader of that party that has been ruling in a major city. The clip of the speech was from a seminar that was attended by the MQM leader.

Altaf Hussain Gives Speech by rehanalichohan1981

A man from Altaf Hussain party MQM was also present in the show and the leader of another party PTI was also present there who had been the cricketer in the past as well. After some question from the presenter of MQM, the host of the show asked PTI leader some questions and asked his opinions.Altaf Hussain real face was shown by the host to the whole nation and they were really shocked after watching that speech given to the media men of other country. It was not the first time he used these kinds of words that required help from the other country.

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