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fights with Huge and giant anaconda

This business was not only banned due to only this reason of violation of animal rights but also because of its dangerous nature, many people are found killed while recording the videos of animal fight, this also became the reason to stop this source of income.Wildlife and animal fights though are source of income for many people but the sensitive people in the society yell against such telecast and videos. Societal forces resulted in ban of all the animal fight videos but those who were effected with this ban reacted badly and their business started again and still animal fight videos are being sold.

Anaconda attack man by khabarnamcha

Controversial nature of this source of income of many people is what make this business sometime suffer up and downs but mostly people related to this work field are found saying that we enjoy life and do not want to change our profession. Despite of the fact that people lose their life and are simply found dead due to animal attack, no one wants any change in their profession. Video became quite viral in which a man was killed by the bears, many people say that our loved ones were attacked by the bears but we did not wanted to save them because it was for sure dead if we had tried.

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