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Girl Stunningly attempts suicide in Karachi University

People who only believe in this life are found involved in drugs, dates and party culture because their desires are not fulfilled, their targets are not achieved, their problems keep on growing. Such people when find life difficult they think of it as only life and when it is difficult they prefer quitting it.

Youngsters unsatisfied with life, following the desires blindly are found rebellious in nature because it does not find answers against many questions that their mind arises because the human mind sometime arise such a question for which it has no data to answer and remains puzzle.

Final year student of Sindh University, Naila… by aliyaali123456

Newspapers, magazines and other media keep on publishing the news that there are many well known institutes that provide such an environment which promotes the intermingling of sexes and in such institutes youth is found using drugs, such youth is not only disappointed rather also disappoint others who are associated with them.

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