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Incredible and stunning Incident Surprises People

That grave has thrown never accepted any dead body to be buried. Strange incident scared so many people living near that region of the graveyard. Some of the religious people said that there could be evil spirits in the graveyard that have not been allowing anybody to bury any dead body. The video also showed that strange incident that happened in Karachi.A strange grave in the Karachi graveyard surprised everyone when it started to give noise from inside. People going through that graveyard heard the noised and called the local men who were responsible for managing the graveyard. They also went near it and heard some noised coming out of it. Religious people also came to see that strange thing.

قیامت کی نشانی..بهینس نے انسانی بچہ جنم دیا! by rehanalichohan1981

Some of the people told that it could be due to the sins of the persons who had bad deeds in this world. There have been contradictions in the statements. Nobody could understand the reason of the incident that has scared people. The video of that incident was also made by the people who had gathered there with their mobile phones. Such incident was the most scary one that has attracted so many people on the internet and social media.

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