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Mexico Finds Strange Creature

Scientists from Mexico were amazed that the findings of the corpse revealed that it had all different characteristics. Some characteristics showed that it was from some different planet other than the earth. Some senior scientists proved that the corpse has some similarities that looked like humans. The corpse of that strange creature was kept in the museum.

Scientists in Mexico carried out different tests and experiments to know the existence of that creature courtesy their science and technology. The researchers were still unable to find out the mystery of that corpse. Even senior scientists have been wondering if that creature belonged to different planet.The tests have showed that the creature did not belong to this earth. They found out that the creature had some characteristics which looked like humans and aliens as well. Even science and technology could not be able to know that how come this could be found on earth. Scientists also found that it had larger brain than the human body.

Alien Found in Mexico under Earth by rehanalichohan1981

The news of that alien type corpse went viral all over the world. Many tourists had visited to see that creature which was kept in the museum. This incident was happened in May 2007 and it took almost one year for the scientists to use science and technology to find out the findings of that corpse.

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