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Morning Shows of Pakistan annoys viewers

In a similar morning show, Nida Yasir, who hosts a TV program on a private channel led the audience towards a new conspiracy. She urged the guests to discuss their extremely private relations openly. The bunch of at least four shameless guests participated in stupid discussion very lively.

The host of morning show also participated in the clueless discussion and told the people about her first pregnancy. She added that when she went for ultrasound report of her pregnancy, she was very excited about it. They issue of pregnancy test strips was also raised in the same program. The way they justified their conversation was extremely condemning.It was never a part of Pakistan’s tradition to disclose such things like this in public. The public have nothing to do with the personal matters of artists by any mean and they must avoid telling their shameful stories in the public.

The TV morning show turned into arena where everything could be expressed freely. The same female host has created many controversies in her programs but she has not been banned by the concerned authorities. The regulatory authority must take a bold step and ban such shows to save the future generations.

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