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The concept of super and Amazing human or winter soldier coming to reality

Our beautiful planet earth came into being millions of years ago and ever since then the process of evolution has not stopped. Darwin said that humans have evolved from monkeys but his theory was not so satisfactory.

Hollywood movies such as Star Wars, Back to the Future, Dr.Who and James Bond has predicted the future of science and technology very well. This is why we are watching so many gadgets in real life which were first introduced in these amazing movies.


There are also chances that the movie producer was in touch with the technology and all these gadgets were invented or they were under the process of making 20 years ago.But this is for sure that man such things are available now to us. Now we are waiting for the super humans and if you investigate a little more, there are a few super humans in this world.Now the important question will there be any real life Hulk, X- man, Super man or Batman in this world ? Its hard to believe but we cant deny the fact that this will happen in coming future.On the other hand people from different places and religions in the world have different point of view about this as per their teachings and their moral values.

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