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These pathetic Bullshit people creatures are not human

Religious people sometime support the existence of strange creatures by quoting the verses of the book they believe in, but news of aliens are considered as fake just to gain monetary reimbursement, those who sell the news of aliens must be advised not to do so because doing so though give them small benefit in this world but suffering in afterlife.

People believe that strange creatures in this world hidden from human beings are seen sometimes when they will to show themselves to anyone. All such horror news is sold in the media for monetary benefits despite of the fact that there is no truth in such news. Sometimes such news is true.

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Children less than ten years old are innocent and are effected by such fake news of strange creatures, phobias and fears overcome them when they look at things for which they have no explanation and start living in the world of threaten horror and imagination because they start believing that there is reality in these stories.

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