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Unbelievable and Very Strange Creature Gets Found in Mexico

The scientists of Mexico also found some facts later in 2012 when they informed the people that same kind of strange creature has been found and killed in Africa in 2012. The corpse of that creature had similar sorts of characteristics as of humans. But it has never been found alive anywhere in the world otherwise with the modern techniques scientists could easily find the existence of this creature. The news of this creature went viral on international media as well.

Video : Unbelievable and Very Strange Creature Gets Found in Mexico

The scientists of Mexico found from their analysis and experiments that the corpse was probably left behind by the aliens when it got died. Many incidents have happened in the past as well there were such creatures were seen in Brazil. The officials of that country denied such fact but some media group had confirmed their existence.Apart from Mexico, Brazil was another country where these strange creatures were seen by couple of students there. They got scared from those alien type creatures. However the officials of that country denied the fact and informed media that it was just an illusion of the students. Later on a similar kind of creature was found in 2012 in Africa.

Unlike Mexico, the creature found in Africa was said to be alive but some people who had seen that strange creature attacked it so it didn’t survive for long time. The scientist also had experiments on that creature as well. Similar sorts of alien’s body was discovered in Pakistan as well. A boy found strange kind of creature in the water. The boy along with his friends got scared from it and they hit it with the bricks and that alien type creature could not survive.

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