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United Kingdom Based Company Gets Surprised

The Arab Countries then took those all men in the middle of the ground where they were supposed to be hung publicly with the help of cranes. Cranes were present there and that child had to take out the support on which those men were standing and tied up with. The story of the company was quiet strange for the people. The picture also showed that the kid pulled the support and helped them executing the culprits.

UK based company said that despite of the failure of the Government of Saudi Arabia, the small child was supposed to get the compensation for whatever happened to him publicly. Five men never rued for their behavior with the kid. Although the rules have been very tough and strict for such attitude but still they were able to humiliate the kid just for the sake of their pleasure.

Syria by rehanalichohan1981

Government of Saudi Arabia got the proofs about the misconduct of those men with the child. Those five men were then executed by the same kid. He never knew that he could get the justice. The video showed that the same kid was able to take his revenge back when he was allowed to take off the support that held the men tied with the crane.

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